Saturday 9th August 2008

by Mr Me
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(image after watermarked with gmail logo)

Those who haven’t seen  the online photoshop tool created by me, just click here:

Today we will implement the watermarking on images using php gd library. Intelligent watermarking means, apply a logo or a watermark image on another image by measuring the color depth of the applied image. For this water marking, use png images as logo or watermark  for better results.

Live example for watermark implementation:

You can see different watermark location by changing the x1,y1 and x2,y2 parameters of the following url:

See the watermark php source code here:

Download the full-source code of watermarking implementation using php+gd from here:

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3 Responses to “Intelligent Watermark (php + gd)”

  1. xacore`u says:

    You have broken link… please give other link

  2. ubuh says:

    thanks for link…

  3. There’s another important problema to solve, related to watermarks, that is place it in a position where it does not hide any important thing. I have proposed a simple algorithm (with its implementation in PHP + IMagick). Feedback is welcome

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