Thursday 14th June 2007

by Mr Me


The main problem for a web developer is client side scripting and validation. Since the browser never hang at javascript errors, sometimes we cannot find out where the error actually happened. A lot of scriptings may change the innerHTML value of document. Browser’s View source only allow as to see the downloaded page’s html codes, never gives the status of current html .

Firebug is a plugin for mozilla, which help us to debug javascript. The javascript debugging is only one of its features. We can edit html code dynamically, can edit style sheet, and can even edit javascripts variable values, add watch for variables etc like a normal programming IDE.

Here is the link:

I know, it will be very useful for you. If so comment me back


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4 Responses to “Firebug, Mozilla’s Plugin”

  1. Mr Hackerzz says:

    How to use firebug?

  2. Sajith M.R says:

    Hi Zaman,

    Use my google service site,

    Youtube video download is there.


  3. zaman Ahmed says:

    how to download videos from youtube

  4. Gadhi M says:

    Fantastic effort……….
    Keep it up………

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