Tuesday 4th November 2008

by Mr Me

Many people already blogged about this article. I made the same experiment. It works.
If you want to find say xyz@gmail.com is invisible or not.
Open your gtalk app and type this email address in top search textbox

Click the profile, it opens in new window as usual

Click on the down arrow button in the top right corner of the window, and you can see Go off the record link there.

And type any chat, say “hi”

You will get a red text showing the “person is offline , can’t receive the message right now ” implies the  person is offline

If this message does not appear, it means the user is invisible

To know more about gmail and gmail chat visit my post series




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81 Responses to “Find who is invisible in gmail chat (Gtalk)”

  1. deepak says:

    Wow this site is cool. A small program awesome and that too free!!! it search all invisible buddies :D


  2. Bhathiya says:

    Not working. Off the record is inactive.

  3. Lornajane says:

    Hi,WHat if I cannot click the go off the record.

    What if it shows that?


  4. bhana says:

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
    i m to haapy today

  5. bhana says:

    ooooooooooo really its working munnawar

  6. Munawar Gul says:

    wow really i cant believe it i found my friends invisible so many time. its worrking yarrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Hakuna Matata says:

    :-) ))))) very nice ! :-)

    Bravo ! ;-)

  8. karthik says:

    it’s not 100% working..!
    i tried with ebuddy accounts in gtalk chat,
    not working properly

  9. arthi says:

    its working yaar…..clever………. thanks a lot

  10. nahas says:

    when should i, change the settings ” go off the record” , whether he/she online or offline.. while he/she was offline, i checked his/her chat and go to action down arrow but the option “Go off the record” appears dull, that means i cant select it. plsss ply to ma mail in detail..tc

  11. ABHISHEK says:

    this is really working yaar …….

  12. akhil mohan says:

    Dude nice work !! its working perfectly !!! hope u come up with more of these ideas !

  13. jennifer says:

    hey! its great fun out hear come join us.
    its our rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jennifer says:

    hey! its great fun out hear come join us

  15. Deepak says:

    Hi Joya you are wrong. The below site program works perfectly with its updated version “Udghosh”.

  16. Deepak says:

    Hi Joya you are wrong. The below site program works perfectly with its updated version “Udghosh”.

  17. kumar says:

    it is not working dude,

  18. Sathy2789 says:

    This didn’t work for me…I did an experiment with my friend and i had her go invisible, then i chatted her, then i had her go offline, then i chatted her, and go visible and i chatted her…. none of them had the red “this user is not on” or something…i have seen it before but it is never consistant. When she went offline, it did the same thing as normal.

  19. Joya says:

    google has fixed all the bugs related to this

  20. Mahua says:

    Let’s try this with you..

  21. Sajith M.R says:

    @thinker, please check the first line of this article, “Many people already blogged about this article. I made the same experiment”

    I never said I invented this, I tried and it works, so I posted

  22. King says:

    I don’t understand whether this people think about the thing said or not. If the xyz@gmail.com is offline then gmail will say that xyz is offline.But when xyz logs in then…he will have a mail that sonso person sent u “hi” while u are offline….then xyz will think that that u are tracing him….???? So think of some different idea such that xyz will never ever know if u are tracing him……..

  23. thinker says:

    hey,,u better find sumthn of your own…i c the same trick in many websites.besides,this is not sum programming trick.u present it like u invented sumthn.be genuin.

  24. vyompv says:

    Find invisible users of Google talk easily. A small program which can be run in any Operating System.


  25. mau says:

    if off the record already selected then

  26. chinni says:

    thanks its worked…done a gr8 job

  27. mahmah says:

    Heyyyy this doesnt work on gmail chat ne more i dont think… :?

  28. Armaan says:

    after setting the chat off the record will the person get my message after he comes online

  29. SRS says:

    Cant you find out without sending message to that person?

  30. ali says:

    I have only Gmail for Chat, don’t have Gtalk.

    May I know that who who has blocked me ?

  31. sony says:

    wat about gmail. i am not asking abou gtalk. i am asking abt gmail. the persons can be invible in gmail also na then how can we find

  32. sagar says:

    geniously geniousest genious

    wow wow wow

    yar main hamesha sochta tha ki pata nahi aisa kyu hota hai ki kabhi msg kro to red wali line nahi aati hai par kabhi aa jati hai bad m maine socha ki shayad system erro hoga koi par aaj mujhe poata chala woh to khurafati dimago ke dimag ka error hota hai

    chalo koi ni bhai KEEP IT UP!!!!!! lagey raho…………………

  33. Niranjan says:

    One can remain invisible to a specific user in gtalk:

    By blocking anyone for chatting, irrespective of your status, you appear as ‘offline’ to all those users whom you have blocked…
    This isnt exactly as invisible…. cuz you cannot receive chats from blocked users…

    but still, you can avoid chats with them…

  34. Amit says:

    you are great man
    thanks a lot…
    it worked with me…
    thanks a lot again

  35. Raghib Khan says:

    Does it work in gmail…??

  36. prav.. says:

    yes i got.it’s a great work…

  37. Antony says:

    Superb trick man..

  38. Srijith says:

    Here is a perl script to find invisible users in gmail. It checks for all users in your contacts.

  39. Akilesh says:

    dude!! is it possible to find out an unknown guy or a gal in this manner?? i mean people who are not in my contacts list!!

  40. gopi says:


  41. shekhar says:

    great man.
    it really works.

  42. priya says:

    Is there a way to know who is invisible WITHOUT sending any message? If you do so, your invisible contact will automatically know that you checking!
    any gmail invisibile deyector is there..plz let me know..if its there!

  43. Alex Mathew says:

    thks dude,
    its works

  44. hate says:

    dont have any work…go and do some thing…dont waste time to finding all waste things…

  45. aruna says:

    Hi Sajith

    thanx this would help me lot

    give me more information reg gtalk

  46. this ain’t workin wid me
    every chat box displays this second message

  47. Rajesh says:

    Its really super…..it works great u r…. is there any other way to find without typing…..

  48. Kwing says:

    I’m not sure this works… I’ve chatted to someone invisible and sometimes I’ll get that text talking to them; it only disappears when they say something.

  49. rakesh says:

    hey this trick is common nothing new in that
    but there are some assumption
    Above mentioned 3rd pics also came if ur buddy close a browser or gtalk without sign out after accessing his account,
    belive it…….!

  50. deepak says:

    cool trick man

  51. BAS says:

    Nice trick

  52. anna says:

    Is there a way to know who is invisible WITHOUT sending any IM? If you do so, your invisible contact will automatically know that you checking!!
    cheers, great web!!

  53. Dinesh says:

    thnks man u rockz………..

  54. neeru says:

    not good becoz you have copy and edit text from other blog

  55. sunk says:

    if we want to find a person who is not in our list thn how can we find him????????

  56. Ishan says:

    thanks man it’s coool and really works

  57. Abhilash says:

    hey its really superb :)

  58. sharath says:

    finally a way to detect invisible user in gmail without sending them any message, check out my blog



  59. mandar says:

    its amazing…!!!

  60. Raja says:

    Hai i want’s to chat.

  61. Samith Dilshan says:

    it’s Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  62. nothing says:

    wht s d purpose behind setting it off the record???

  63. cdegallo says:

    any way to find this out passively, without typing/sending an IM?

  64. samik says:

    this dont work wid me…

  65. Jeeva says:

    G8 dude…Its working ……

  66. vivashwat says:

    gr8 job dear…. keep it up [;)]

  67. Rajneesh Patel says:

    Nice trick man ……..

  68. AB says:

    GReta maN…u Rox…
    Luv ya

  69. Ransara says:

    tried->success !!
    Great work !!!

  70. feelme says:


    A friend me that trillian has a plugin that shows which users are in invisible mode. I was just wondering whether there could be a similar one for pidgin. I have not been successful in finding one online.

    Anything, anyone?


    • me says:

      Go Invisible Pidgin:
      Oct. 29, 2008, 5:48 a.m.
      How to go invisible in Pidgin?
      This is totally my personal opinion and you are free to comment the way you want.

      I am myself a person who strongly opposes being invisible in chats like GMail or Yahoo! chat. But the reason why I am writing this is simple.

      Off late, being invisible has become a craze (we call it “scope” in local slang ;-) ). This is no less than doing things in “STEALTH”. When we ask people who usually do things in stealth like this, the reason they give are “There are too many distractions. There simply too many people doing non-sense things and just ping because they are jobless”. These are the kind of responses we get. I agree that Invisible chat is indeed needed for these reasons. May we all have personal life and will have important work, where in we don’t want ourselves to be distracted.

      But these days some people always do things in stealth, whatever may be the situation. Oh, they have so much work? I never knew that they are the only people who have so much of work to do. They do it all the time and that too they don’t want to be distracted all the time. Ohoh, I did not even know that, all those people who do not do things in stealth don’t have work at all, as if!!!

      I still cannot believe the above fact. The whole point here is that, those people who will be in stealth will be knowing whats happening in open. But people in open donot know otherwise. Just imagine what might be happening. How can we trust people who are stealth? They are like people who “Attack From Back”. How can seriously trust those people? We don’t know what they do at any moment. First of all its better to stay away from such kind of people, I feel personally.

      Just imagine what may happen if everyone starts doing things in stealth. We just lose trust of everyone. No one trusts anyone else and a sort of cold war builds and we know the end. It just reminds me of a dialogue from Uppi’s movie where he says, (warning: its in Kannada), *Aavanu ivana namballa, ivanu avana namballa, ottinalli neev yaaru uddara aagalla*. Meaning one person doesn’t believe in the other, and the other person doesn’t believe in this person, finally no one of you achieve anything.

      But anyways after reading all these, if you still want to do things in stealth, here is how you can do for GMail chat in Pidgin. Note, the invisible status in Pidgin simply doesn’t work in Pidgin for GMail chat.

      1. Open the Buddy List.
      2. In the menu, Tools->Plugins. Enable XMMP Console. Close the Plugin Window
      3. In the menu again, Tools->XMMP Console->XMMP Console.
      (See if your account in which you want to go invisible is selected if you have multiple accounts. )
      4. In the text box, put the following XML snippet





      and then press enter.
      5. Done this is it. If this is not working on your version, now try changing the status to Invisible.
      Finally, if you want to reset the above settings. Follow the same procedure but make in the above XML snippet.

  71. Nel says:

    Hey,this is great…would love to try this…waiting for a prey… ;)

    Great technology deals updated regularly

  72. Sridhar says:

    Does it really work like that? Thats quite clever ;)

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